No Winners In Politicization Of Fallen Soldiers


No matter which echo chamber you belong to and your personal views, the fact of the matter is their is no winners when it comes to using fallen soldiers for personal agendas.  President Trump was wrong when he commented on his response to fallen soldiers opposed to previous presidents.  Fredrica Wilson was wrong when she came out and revealed details of an alleged private conversation.  The media is wrong attempting to use both of these instances and others to push their collective agenda.  It is possible for all possible sides to be wrong in a situation, and you are looking at it.

The lose of a United States soldier is something that never should be used for political positioning but it has become so in the case of pregnant widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson.  While their allegedly was a phone call between her and President Trump it was not her who spilled the details but Florida Representative Fredrica Wilson.  These were not her details to share, neither were they the other of the fallen soldiers wife.  If Mysehia Johnson, the wife, wanted to expose the details and turn this into a national story one way or another we would be having a different story as se is directly connected and affected by her husbands death.  But for her mother, and her state rep, and her president all attempting to use her conversation to their advantage is sickening.

John Kelly, who has first hand experience with this topic losing his son in combat back in 2010, expressed his opinions in an attempt to defuse the situation and for once I think we can all agree with him.  He is right when he says it is not the Presidents job to call every fallen soldiers family members, defending Obama for not calling his family following his sons death.  He is right when he says it is between Trump, and Mysehia Johnson what that conversation involved and really only Ms.Johnson should be allowed to share those details if she so choses. 

No one wins in this situation.  I expect more from almost all parties involved other then General Kelly and Mysehia Johnson.  We should expect better from not only our elected officials but from our media. We should honor the greatest heroes who haven fallen to protect our freedom a little better