Russia Uranium One Scandal: The Real Russia Scandal

After almost a year of the mainstream media talking about a possible scandal between now President Donald Trump and Russia they have finally uncovered a real Russian connected scandal.  However this is not one from me mainstream medias previous playbook, no peeing Russian prostitutes, no fake Russian ads promoting trump.  The real Russian scandal does not involve Trump at all, while his opposition in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, was along with former president Barack Obama connected to selling uranium to a hostile force for personal profit.


In March of 2010 Hillary Clinton was sent to Russia in an attempt to, "Reset," relations as Obama liked to call it.  Shortly after her meeting with Putin and Dimitri Medvedev, the person holding down Russia in Putins brief absence from power, her husband Bill Clinton was offered $500,000 by Renaissance Capital, a Putin regime-tied Russian bank.  this 500,000 dollars is merely the start  according to this Newsweek article, as over $145 millions dollars was flooded into the Clinton Foundation in connections to various UrAsia and Uranium One deals. 

But whether it was $500,000 or $145 million, neither changes the fact that at the time Secretary Of The State Hillary Clinton accepted payments for help in deals that involved the United States turning over almost 20% of its uranium supply.  The amount of money is irrelevant when the Secretary of the State is selling nuclear resources to a hostile pseudo ally.  Uranium is not a resource to just be given away like that due to its multitude of uses.  Whether we are talking energy or nuclear weapons, uranium is always better served in our hands then those of aggressive forces overseas.

 Photo by James Brey/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by James Brey/iStock / Getty Images

Public officials almost never actually are brought to justice for their times in office.  The higher up the ladder you go, the less likely you are to see justice served.  Look at the results for people such as former President Bill Clinton as well as Richard Nixon, neither served a day of time in their lives.  But then again, we've never had someone like Donald Trump as President so I just won't say never here.