Mainstream Media Content With No Las Vegas Answers

Almost a month since the most lethal mass shooting on US soil and we are still left with more questions than answers, something the mainstream media has no issue accepting it seems.  While there are plenty of smaller new media news networks still looking for answers, it appears the main stream has completely bonded the story.  While you can still catch the occasional headline at the bottom of their site regarding the event, they allocate almost no resources to the story.

As much as the mainstream media has its faults and new media is able to capitalize on them, major events like this is where they generally thrive.  Access to insiders unavailable to the common blogger as well as the resources to throw at the subject until they produce results.  Where is a single video clip of Paddock sneaking twenty plus guns up to his room in one of the most heavily surveilled venues around?  Why did Stephen Paddock do this after all of this time?  What do we really know about Paddock's past?

The mainstream media seems content however to leave these questions unanswered as they have move on to bigger and better things such as the politicization of fallen soldiers and if a general called the president a moron.  But while they MSM is funneling all of the efforts towards nothing stories as such, it is good to know that bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and others will not rest until the truth is uncovered.