Apple Lost Vision With Steve Jobs

I used to be a huge apple fan being completely integrated into their system.  I was an early adopter to the iPhone and when it was time for film school I knew a MacBook was the only way to go for video editing.  Apple always was ahead in terms of tablet performance so it was easy to hop onto the early iPad train.  However over recent years as Apple released new devices my allegiance was tried, failing to purchase an iWatch and only integrating AppleTV into my life once I was gifted one.  But it was not until my iPhone 6 plus broke and my 2012 MacBook pro began to chug that I realized I was completely done with Apple, but I also realized it was their fault.


Steve Jobs was the visionary that put a micro computer in all of our pockets.  Yet what Steve Jobs was best at was not only developing a flawless, easy to use machine but explaining why we all needed it in our lives.  He understood the things that needed to be done to ensure the consumer would want it, and he also knew how to tell the consumer that they wanted it.  He was a blend rarely seen in the business world, and Apple misses him more and more as time moves on.

With the release on the new iPhone X there is a new stream of headlines flowing out about their various issues from IOS issues to breaking screens.  While some of these are to be expected with new tech, Steve Jobs worked his hardest to minimize such events.  He also understood where the industry was going better then anyone else.  He never would have scrapped the 3.5mm jack as soon as he did, in essence alienating many people while cornering them to purchase add ons.  This was never what Apple was supposed to be, a bunch of add ons.  


The MacBook series has turned into an overpriced, underpowered laptop thats only real perk in now a days are the preloaded apps, and the near impenetrable security system.  Other than that the macbook series has all but disappeared as a threat to the windows laptops.  The iMacs are in even worse shape then the MacBooks as they cannot come anywhere near windows or linux PC in terms of price for power.  

Pair these with various under preforming new technologies such as the iWatch and the iPencil and it is easy to see that Apple has lost any vision that they once had.  While this has effected their sales to some degree, Apple is still a largely successful and profitable company banking on other projects such as iTunes to offset other failures.  While there is still plenty of time for Apple to turn it around the near future is not nearly as bright as it once was.