Why Trumps Wall Fiasco Still Bothers Me

I begin this by saying President Trump still has my support.  It has not been the smoothest start to a presidency, but we all understood we were electing an outsider.  We knew what we were getting our selves into and for that my support for the president hasn't waned much with his many mistakes.  But there is still one real issue I have from early on that I still cannot get over. 


My frustrations really start and end with his weak approach to the wall he promised so strongly across his entire campaign.  With third party estimates provided by CNBC putting the wall somewhere between $15-$25 billion it is hard to believe that in a $4 trillion budget ripe with budget cuts he couldn’t find the money for a wall. It obviously could.  It was a power play by the left. And it worked.

With he democratic party, who holds no majority in Washington, threatening to shut down the government over this wall, Trump had his chance to shine.  To prove to us voters he meant what he said in the campaign.  To be the first politician to actually get into office and do what he says. But he couldn’t have handled it any worse folding like a cheap suit while tabling the wall discussions to a future date unannounced at this time.

While to most it is not a tragic defeat to me it shows a glaring weakness.  He has both the house and congress on his side and still backed down showing a level of sheepishness.  It is not the end of the world but it is definitely one strike against him in my book.


Bradley Barnhard