Let Trump Call It A Travel Ban, It's What We Need!

President trump has tried time and time again to implement a hard travel ban on those from the Middle East while we examine the current global terror threat exporting from said area.  Washington doesn't seemed so inclined to do so as many of his staff have fumbled over themselves in order to deflect the idea of a strict banning of citizens from the conflict areas, even it is what we need.

We have plenty of examples to look at from around the world of what happens when countries allow large numbers of unvetted citizens from these radicalized Muslim nations in.  And the idea that the same nation who fails to keep leaks out of Washington, the most important vetting the country partakes in, could vet every single muslim entering this country is insanity.  I mean we gave a crazy women with a even crazier name of Reality Winner the keys to top secret information.  If those vetting for top secret clearance don't even have access to twitter then we need to fix our vetting system before I have faith letting anyone in, especially from a radicalized area.

As for the examples look around.  England suffered 3 terrorist attacks in three months as well as 2 in lead than a week.  France victim to multiple terror attacks in the last year along with fellow European nations like Germany.  Great, progressive nations who wanted to help.  Couldn't say no.  Now are terror hot beds and we cannot let that happen here.  It doesn't mean we do not care about the innocent in danger in these Middle East Nations, but even as the World Police here in America we have a responsibility to our citizens as well as our society first.  If allowing people from these areas threatens both innocent people and the freedom that American culture represents then we must make a hard stance and a travel ban is the only way until we can securely vet individuals.