President Trump Now Claims To Have No Tapes

President Donald Trump continues to to get out of his own way during his presidency.  While there has been little i have disagreed with in terms of his policy, the current president has consistently added issues for himself buy not being able to remain quite, mainly on twitter.  

He originally took to Twitter to now allegedly intimidate Comey into telling the truth by claiming there may be recordings of their sessions.  Now that the Comey hearing is over Trump has clarified there are no tapes and never were.  

Now I do not believe he ever had tapes, so I obviously do not believe he destroyed them like some on the left believe.  However while not illegal in any means I still am opposed to President Trumps actions during this circus.  Openly lying and intimidating are not qualities one should look for in a president.  These are not adjectives that help President Trump raise his popularity or help the Right fight back a left hell bent on reclaiming majority in Washington if not the presidency eventually through impeachment. 

I will continue to say if President Trump truly wants to achieve the great things he keeps talking about that I truly believe he can, then he needs to get out of his own way because if he does I am not sure no one person or even political party can stop him.