Could Obama’s Presidincy Have Been Any Weaker?


I was never a fan of former President Obama politically.  I thought he had most of the intangibles to be the president of the United States, but there was one he lacked that showed through to me personally and has recently been thrust back into the light yet again.  One that I believe is above all else to be the leader of the free nation.  You can walk the walk and talk the talk.  Be handsome, well spoken, politically correct.  All of that is nice but utterly useless without the most valuable intangible that no one can teach someone.  Courage.

If it wasn't already the case former President Obama will no doubtably go down asone of the weakest presidents this country has ever seen, as well as he should.  He began his tenure as president with his Global Apology Tour where he personally went all around the world apologizing to nations on behalf of the United States past for being so evil.  He followed that up by failing as de facto General of the world police, which the United States has been for years, when he allowed leader Vladimir Putin to invade and conquer neighboring Ukraine.  Do not forget how all of former President Bush’s hard work (for better or for worse) in the Middle East was erased in a few short years when Obama attempted to remove us as much from the conflicts over there as possible allowing ISIS to replace Al-Qaeda as the new terrorist controlling faction.  Syrian leaders have allowed to use chemical weapons on their own people unchecked by the same regime.  

And then there is the most recent story, about how Obama knew about Russia’s attempt to meddle in the upcoming United States Presidential election.  Possibly the most damning one of all.  An attack on our own land, people, and government that went unchecked out of fear.  There are cases to be made for all previous points that since the United States was not directly involved, the United States had no right to intervene.  Not my personal belief but we can leave that one at the door for this recent story.

An attempt to undermine our political system, the foundation of what has made this country great from years of refinement, is an act of war.  One that went unchecked for the remainder of the former presidents time in office. Why? Because he was Scared.  Scared of hurting his hopeful future replacements, Hillary Clinton and friends, campaign. Scared of retaliation from Russia.  Scared of escalation. Scared of Putin.  Just scared.  So instead of putting political posturing aside and defending the country he was elected to lead, he sat by and watched. And watched. And watched.

Representative after representative offered him options per his request.  Many good ones passed his desk, but for all he had an excuse to hide his true fear.  Even after the conclusion of the election with a little over 2 months left in office he stayed unresponsive, weak.  

I find it a fitting end to his presidency.  Summing up the weakest Presidential run in history with one last even more historically cowardice act.