Social Security: Can We Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Healthcare has been a major topic discussion over the last few years.  Beginning with Obamacare and then immediately rolling into the repeal and replace approach by the next regime Americans have heard plenty about insurances and affordable healthcare.  

But what we have not heard about is the one thing no politicians want to touch with a ten foot poll which is social security.  

Social security.  The dying infrastructure implemented to protect us all financially for when we physically due to old age are no longer able to work.  The program that will eat tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, from my lifetime earnings that I will never see any benefit from because the truth is the system can't support itself.  

Now there a million reasons why the financial system created in the 1930's, right in the thick of the Great Depression, is crumbling.  Might as well start with the most obvious one of them all being the ever growing cost of healthcare.

Follow that up with longer life expectancy for individuals who's body continues to break down at the same previous rate gives us extra unaccounted for years of coverage they could not have seen in the 1930.  

Cap that off with the fact that that life expectancy has been extended due to expensive medical procedures and treatments and just looking at these quick three reasons it is apparent a collapse is unstoppable.

With the impending doom around the corner for this long burning dumpster fire, isn't it maybe time to stop throwing more trash (or cash in literal terms) at it.  I understand the political obstacles.  I can hear the cries already.  

People need to be taken care of!  What about what we were promised and paid into for 35 years?  Who's going to help the elderly?! But maybe it is time to make the hard decision.  Make the complicated choice.

It is not as simple as turning off a light switch.  Millions of Americans have paid heavily into this system.  Millions are currently living it off of it as we speak.  Millions more see it right around the corner.  

And I am not saying it needs to ripped out from under their feet, but it is time to start discussing solutions.  A cut off point for individuals new to the workforce who no longer have to pay in to the system, therefore excluding them at the astronomically low chance social security is still around when they need it.  

Government biting the bullet on their crap system they built and shoved down our throats and subsidizing the program as younger workers remove themselves and dollars from the program.  

Anything really, but real discussions need to be had before we are looking at a generation who gave everything into a system that not only died on them, but sucked them dry leaving them with nothing for a back up plan.