It Hurts Me To Say It, But Trump May Need To Go

With the hasttags for things such as Kanye 2020 not really disappearing. The likes of president hopeful and perfect Terminator franchise antagonist, The Keeper Of Everyones Information, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg himself popping up in Iowa to speak with the people and make an obvious early play. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself publicly flirting with the idea of a run at the presidency in 2020.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that the reality show that we thought was a stand alone season, the 2016 presidential election cycle, was just the pilot season of what whole new political spectacle. Watch out Game Of Thrones.  A new form of politics is coming in the form of a popularity contest and its taking over.  2020 may leave us with a presidential race between 2 people who prior to 2016 were completely outsiders to the political realm.  And the best chance I see of save the system of lifelong politicians that many of hate but prefer to the new alternative, myself included, is something that nearly kills me to say.  Impeach President Donald Trump.

Now I am not saying the threat is the presence of a third party because I believe the United States citizens need a strong thirty option to upend the current broken system of government.  What I am fearful of however is an ignorant third party candidate who sees President Trump reign as successful and attempts their own campaign without any true understand of what is entailed.  President Trump has already admitting it is a much more strenuous and difficult job then he could have expected and I truly believe he did not underestimate the position upon arrival. Does The Rock truly understand what goes into the day in day out workings of the president? And more importantly once he realizes the toll it takes on oneself does he really want it?  Does Mark Zuckerberg really want to improve the lives of American citizen or does he want another notch on his belt to brag to his billionaire pals about?  probably the latter. 

Ask me a year ago and I was the first to say the old method of Washington built on life long politicians was broken and needed total upheaval.  Fast forward and now I am fearful we will lose that dreadful system we all grew to hate for one thats possible even more damaging.  The popularity contest that was 2016 could turn out to be one of two things.  An anomaly.  Or it could be the dawn of a new day.  Where policy matters little, and public persona and name recognition are everything