Trump Bans Transgenders From Entering Army

The United States people are outraged today as President Donald Trump reversed a decision made by previous President Obama's administration to allow transgender individuals into the armed forces.  The ban does not interfere with those currently serving but prevents future acceptance of transgender's into the military.  Trump defended his decision claiming it took away from the militaries primary focus while also carrying burdensome additional expenses.

There a plethora of reasons transgender individuals should never have been able to serve in the special forces, including the two he mentioned, leaving Trump with no decision but to amend it.  Transgender individuals do provide a distraction from the primary function of the military as Trump pointed out, which is defending the homeland while completing swift and concise victories overseas where need be(because they fail does not change the fact that is their intention as stated).  It is not the transgender person themselves who is necessarily the distraction, but the process afterward that accompanies the surgery is complex and time consuming.  Needing to provide the requiredhormone therapy and other treatments for any individual who is undergoing that is an extra task that does not relate to to initial purpose of our military, defense and victory.  With all that extra treatment also comes the financial cost which was President Trumps second valid point regardingthe issue.  The U.S tax payers do not expect the military budget to be partially spent on the optional and cosmetic health care, it is for defending our lands and the interests abroad.  Those are personal issues to be handled personally on your own time and own dime.  

Now when presented with these two facts some may be discouraged because they had aspirations of joining the military.  Unfortunately for them though, truth stands that the military is not there to be a welcoming society for anyone who wants to join.  It is not in place to stoke your ego and make you feel warm and validated.  It is an institute designed to turn humans into killing machines for the sake of national security.  They do not care about you, or your feelings, and the truth is that anyone who causes distractions in that singular task does not make it.