Rights Failure To Repeal Obamacare Highlights Growing Need For 3rd Party

The Left and the Right have acted on the facade that they are two different parties.  The Democrats pretending to represent liberal principles and the Republicans on the other end with acting as the more conservative approach. However for a long times the parties ideologies have been on a collision course towards each other with the Right moving farther and farther to the left.  This all culminated with the majority Republican Washington failing to repeal Obamacare, a platform many representatives ran on.

The Right used to stand for principles such as small government and free markets.  These were the ideas even as a young child that appealed to me and dragged me to the right my whole life.  This is not what the current Republican Party stands for clearly as they failed to remove an over reaching action of the government while also continuing to harm the free market in terms of healthcare.  They could not even agree to skinny repeal which removed only minimal sanctions such as the fine for passing on health care.  How did we ever get to the point on the Right where we cannot even to agree to remove a fine on an individual for not purchasing health insurance?  So much for small government and personal freedom.  

Individuals representing us on the right have become so obsessed with retaining their seat, majority, power, that they have completely forgot why we put them there.  Leaders on the right are terrified to enact any real policy that may truly anger the Leftist agenda at the fear it rallies democratic voters for an over throw next cycle.  So instead they anger their constitutes who they know regardless will re-elect themselves because the other option is even worse.

And this cycle goes on and on.  It happens on the left as well.  The left for so long feared creating any real policy.  They focused on plenty of social policy that was generally a win-win and accepted by both sides.  However once they attempted real Leftist policy with Obamacare their greatest fears came true.  The right ran to their base with promises of change and criticism of the Democratic policy, they ran this rhetoric all the way to the 2016 election to the Democrat's demise.  They lost the White House. The Senate. The House. And over 1000 overall seats across the country.  The Left's one attempt at real policy cost them the majority so do not expect them to attempt real change any time soon.

With these two parties that have become shells of themselves, it is clear now more so then ever that we need a legitimate third party option.  Forget the fears of splitting a base because then we are simply as guilty, not acting in order to protect our spot in the status quo.  There is a growing sense on the right that a split is coming and I for one hope it is sooner rather than later because it is what our country needs.