Trump, Putin Relations Appear To Start Well

The G20 Summit has begun and is President Trumps first chance to meet many of these world leaders face to face.  One of the most anticipated meetings for the American people is Russian President Vladimir Putin. We have never truly regained peaceful relations with Russia since the cold war, with glimmers of hope fading away as betrayal and distrust mounted for new regimes.  There was a chance with Bush.  The was hope for Obama.  But ultimately all Presidents failed to keep Russian faith for any prolonged period of time.

Enter Trump, who throughout his campaign praised Putin for the strong leader he is.  A man with a clean slate politically with Putin.  This was our countries free slate with Russia.  You only get one first impression and Trump delivered.  

Meeting with The Russian President on July 7th President Trump went under the microscope yet again.  First talking with Putin in front of reporters for some soft talk.  They eventually proceeded to take the meeting behind closed door for a little over 2 hours.  When they reappeared they both sung each others praises and discussed further working together in the future.  They discussed some form of a ceasefire deal in Syria.  Talked about Eastern-Ukraine.  And on multiple occasion Trump questioned Putin about the election meddling, which Putin continued to deny.  

Although much of the important conversation was held behind closed doors it appears that after a rocky start Trump is off to a good start with Russian relations.  He was able to come to an agreement in their first face to face meeting.  He looked strong to the American people who wanted to see him press Putin on the Russian election tampering.  And it appears he looked strong to Putin which is important in dealing with Russia.  Putin never truly respected Obama for how weak he saw him as.  We will not have the same problem with the current President.