The Truth About North Korea

There is a dirty little truth when it comes to North Korea and the recent ICBM tests.  Something the media, the government, everyone has covering up for years now.  The truth is no one knows what North Koreas true intentions are.

That is why depending on who you listening it ranges everywhere from hid your kids, hide your wife to Just blow them away.  There are reasonable speculations such as they contain no where near as much firepower as us and the rest of the worlds forces, but for every known there are atlas ten unknowns.  

We have no clue what the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un plans to do with whatever limited fire power he may possess.  No one has a clue because no one truly understands how crazy Kim Jong-Un is.  We all know he's an evil little man, but the how deep his insanity goes is almost unknown.  The mainstream American media paints him out to be about as crazy and egotistical maniac who is out of control.  While looking at the way he runs his country that may seem reasonable, but with the traditional media holding about as much credibility with the public as Kim Jong-Un himself its hard to completely believe.  This makes it almost impossible to detect whether his threats are real, or him flexing his muscles, or a diversion, or something else.

However the facts are the facts, he's a murderous dictator who should have never been allowed the capabilities to posses nuclear weaponry.  The failures of previous regime in the past who have allowed North Korea to run unchecked for years now fall on Trump's hand.  While he could attempt to pass the buck as his predecessor before did, but that just doesn't seem very Trump like.