ANTIFA: The Sad Truth

ANTIFA, or the Anti-Fascist movement as they call themselves, or Anti Free Speech as others call them, has gone unchecked for entirely too long.  The internet is littered with material of ANTIFA thugs committing countless numbers of crimes.  The George Soros funded terrorist organization must be exposed for what they are.

For months now factions of this terrorist group have sparked riots across the country from Portland to Berkeley to Charlottesville.  Destroying store fronts, burning whatever, and assaulting those who oppose them.  This group of occupy wall street disciples and social justice warrior scum has taken it farther then many of recent far left groups to date.  Their acts of violence speak for themselves which has landed them listed as a domestic terrorist group by the State Of New Jersey, a blue state.

While the internet has fought hard to bring the injustices committed by this terrorist organization to light, the liberal media has attempted to down play it at every corner.  Most recently painting them as victims in an heinous attack from another Leftist group, White Supremacists, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  While it is true there were about 20 victims from the horrific vehicular attack, the ANTIFA movement as a whole was not victim.  They were there to incite violence from and against a group possibly more repulsive then themselves.

It is not illegal for hate groups to gather, and I hope it never is because it would intrude on freedoms of American citizens as much as I despise these groups. But Domestic Terrorism is a crime and we as a nation cannot sit by and watch it happen.