Price Gouging : Sometime Reality Hurts

We've all seen the headlines by now. $20 For A Gallon Of Gas$99 Cases of Water.  The Horrors Of Price Gouging.  But while glossing over the facts most fail to examine the other side to the Leftist newest devil, Price Gouging!

What they fail to mention is price gouging is the only way for businesses to effectively contribute during a natural disaster.  When looking at historical natural disasters as we are seeing in Texas now with Harvey it is easy to see the numbers and think of all the people and need and jump to the conclusion that its cruel decision.  And I will be the first to admit 20 bucks a gallon and $42 dollars a case is extreme and abusive, but it doesn't change the fact that price gouging is a necessity sometimes.

 Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

Looking at Texas for example which saw historic rainfall measuring up to over 4 feet in some areas the necessity for certain items is obvious.  But when demand is high, supply is low, and import avenues are blocked, the only effective way to ensure the largest number of people receive the goods they need.  Take your family for example and imagine how cases of water you would say you NEED for a week.  There's two people in my house so we could make it on two sashes conservatively, but when we get to the store and the price is its usual low rate we decide to play it safe and buy another 2 EXTRA.  Now that is 2 less cases another family who NEEDs it will not have access too, and in a time when stock is certain to run out this is clearly an ineffective way of spreading the resources.

Now the cost is say 20 dollars a case, About a dollar a bottle.  Pretty crazy on a normal day but today's not a normal day and thinking about it a dollar bottle isn't totally unreasonable considering I'd pay that for them individually.  But when I go to buy my 2 cases I will be much less likely to buy a large reserve of unnecessary supplies due to the inflated cost.  Now while that previous family discussed had to go without water before, now they simply have to purchase a slightly more expensive case or two.

It's pretty clear the Leftist Media Complex hasn't really shared the latter side of the story because the former plays into their narrative that businesses are evil, evil beings

Brad Barnhard