Government Funded Health Care Needs To Die

Although the Right seems keen to fight the notion and the Left openly opposes it, that does not change the fact that the government needs to completely remove its self from the healthcare market all together. They need to repeal Obamacare.  Their failed attempts to tackle the healthcare for 330 million people has driven the rates and premiums up higher than any other point in history.  It is time to let the free market and do what it is that it does best.

The left wants you to believe that free market corporations are going to look to exploit the public simply to line their own pockets.  They constantly attempt to paint the businesses as evil overlords scheming against the little man. While it is true company's primary objective is to profit as much as possible, leftists consistently ignore the checks and balances system in place with the customers as well as competitors.  Simply free market economics translate to the healthcare market as well.  If company A charges to much company B will charge less, then company C will charge less then them an so on.

I can hear the leftists already, Do you understand how expensive it healthcare is?!  I know it is significantly cheaper then the prices we are currently charged both for insurance and deductibles.  We have a system where the medical service providers can severely overcharge the patient knowing the insurance company will cover it a the expenses.  They know everyone must have insurance by law now, even those who cannot afford to pay anything into the system, all subsidized on the taxpayers back.

These insurance companies have deals with the service providers to bring down that number severely but still drastically more then the actual cost.  And you in the end wind up paying the insurance company pretty much whatever they were able to bargain it down to, with any outstanding balance being subsidized by the tax payer.  The patient has two guns to their head. One from the insurance company, and one from the service provider.

The free market would remove both guns.  Forcing the insurance companies to actually compete would immediately force the insurers to get out of bed with the providers forcing them to charge a realistic rate for services.  Competition will drop the rates on the insurer side as the free market does for markets and the citizens will be left with cheaper healthcare all around, whether insured or not

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