Media Leaks Hinder Trump’s Foreign Affairs

 (Justin Sullivan/Getty)

(Justin Sullivan/Getty)

With the latest Washington Post bombshell containing leaked transcripts with Mexican officials, it is becoming increasingly difficult for President Donald Trump to conduct any type of foreign relations with leaders fearing leaks. Many Trump supporters give him a pass on this front because of this issue, but his inability to fill the White House with his own staff while allowing plenty of Obama holdovers to stay in positions of power.   The prospect most appealing to me leading up to the election was the idea of a great business man filling positions with great minds in the respected areas, a vision that has failed to come to fruition.

Whether Trumps own fault or not, the leaks are still making it incredibly difficult for him to conduct business overseas.  We have heard very little on Trumps international policy front.  A few headlines from early on showed some hope.  The G20 gave us his meetings with Putin, a removal from the Paris Accord split many, and the removal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership proved his dedication to America first.  But these were all one sided decisions for the most part and his inability to conduct serious foreign policy has baffled some.  These latest leaks only add another possible reason for the Presidents ineffectiveness internationally.

Trump needs to fill Washington with his own people as every president before him has.  It is possible the leaks are not completely related to the holdovers, but clearing them out first would narrow the target pool.  Trump needs to take back control of the message coming out of Washington or he risks alienating himself from everyone fearful of doing business with him.  The army of unnamed sources the media has at their disposal is one thing, but their ability now to secure legitimate documents with national security clearance is a scary reality.  

Luck enough this most recent leak only contained some information that at worst shows a hold up in a campaign promise, however one day it could information sensitive to national security and then what does he do.  He needs to grab the situation by the horns before it ever gets to that point.  He needs to get HIS administration in place and in line