A.I Is Nothing To Fear



Many influential people have come out in opposition to the future of A.I, artificial intelligence.  Some of these people are individuals have the most to gain such as those like Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.  However I am here to tell you why A.I is nothing to fear, at least not quite yet.

The A.I we are talking about seeing in our life time are still singular process of operation.  As impressive as a self driving car will be, it does not point towards artificial intelligence becoming smarter, simply designed better. It is not until we reach a point in time where machines an replace the creative aspects of human life that we have a true threat.  None of that seems to be on the horizon quite yet, simply A.I that will help aiding in the reduced stresses of life.  

Now while those fearful of the effects on the job market have some justified skepticism.  With machines that can do singular tasks better and cheaper then humans many low skilled labor jobs will be in jeopardy.  This does not mean that we should pull back on our technological advances though simply to protect a bunch of low paying jobs.  While the initial impact will hurt the people of this great country driven by the free market have always found ways to adopt to new markets.  It would provide more jobs to dig holes with spoons instead of heavy machinery, so should we ban cranes?  Tractor trailers tow more then a box truck requiring less drivers, do we ban tractor trailers?  Where do we draw the line with technology replacing humans?  We don't.

We adapt as human beings have been doing for thousands of years.  Removing unskilled, many of which miserable, jobs from the market is not something to be feared but embraced.  Motivating people to seek jobs they enjoy rather than hate is more attainable with cheaper all around goods granted to us thanks to cheaper AI based labor.  New business arise from the freedom offered by the internet age and the removal of gatekeepers.  Don't fear the AI just yet, let it help free us