The Special Council Witch-hunt Continues 


With the latest step in which the head of the special council, Robert Muller, has called for at least grand juries for the investigation.  Now while seeking grand juries does not necessarily mean criminal charges, it does open the floodgate for Muller to seek further warrants in matters unrelated to Russia, only further widening the scope of the investigation.

As the scope enlarges it becomes more clear there is an apparent witch hunt out there to find anything incriminating on President Donald Trump.  This does not bode well for Trump seeing as how when they cast a net this wide it is almost impossible not to find something incriminating on anybody.  Although I still believe President Trump did not collude with Russia, this special council has become about more than that.  It has become about nailing Trump with whatever it is that they can find, Russian or not.  

There is still hope for him.  The special council is growing ever more unpopular with the American people as it has clearly has become a witch hunt from the Left.  The media carrying the message has lost all credibility with the citizens f the United States.  So for however disliked Trump may or any not be, he is going to be a hard person to get rid of for the next three and a half years.