Trumps First 200 Days In Office

If you ask people on the street how Trumps first 200 days in office were it would sound like something straight out of A Tale Of Two Cities, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  However the truth is much more complicated and lies somewhere in the middle.

While I remain a strong Trump supporter, I will not say it has been the most wonderful 200 days of my life.  While he has succeeded in some areas such as removing a bunch of burdensome executive orders, improving unemployment, and pissing off the left he has failed in many of his promises to his voters. 

There is still no plan in place anywhere in the foreseeable future for the promised wall.  Common cores is still in place destroying school systems.    And Obamacare is continues decimating Americans across the country.  But for every failure there is a promise kept.  Even without the wall his has taken a hard crack at illegal immigration and seems to be making substantial progress.  All reports seem to indicate jobs are being introduced back into the economy.  Whether related or not the DOW has seen record highs.  And yes the most important point again, angering Leftists.

Trumps inability to avoid scandal, even of his own doing, has left a mark on the first 200 days that must be noted.  While no substantial evidence is yet to arise of any wrongdoings, the liberal media has been relentless with their attacks.  And even though liberal attacks on a Republican president are nothing to hold against Trump himself,  his inability to control the leaks feeding the lefts fire are his own fault.  Failing to fill the White House with his own people, allowing Obama holdovers loyal to a separate cause infiltrate his cabinet is something we have to hold against him.  It is not the end all be all but it is something the president should handle sooner rather than later, and something one would expect to be dealt with after 200 days.

While I am of the belief that Trumps first 200 days were a success, I am simply but one American out there.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.