Lefts Scandals Cannot Be Forgotten

We have a problem on the right when it comes to dealing with scandals coming from across the isle.  Our in ability to effectively incorporate ourselves into the media has made it hard for us to press issues arising on the left.  However the leftist controlled media has never had a problem holding the right accountable, even for things that never happened as we see with the Russia investigation.

But it is a new day and Washington has not been controlled by the Republicans since the early days of this new media craze.  While it is true the left has infiltrated many of the new media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, and now Google, the platforms are still available to those on the right.  And we have made tremendous individuals on the Right to jump start these new media outlets.  Breitbart.  Conservative Review. Daily Wire.  We have come a long way from the early mornings of Rush Limbaugh on the AM being the sole conservative voice guiding the way.  There is a slew of conservative websites and news outlets floating about on the internet.  

Yet these fractured groups pose incremental power when compared to the media force the left has long established with traditional media, and their lack of power stems from a lack of a common goal.  I am not saying the right should go as far as obvious talking points that the left has done handed down straight from the Democratic Party, but a cohesion on holding the left accountable is a must.

Whether it was Benghazi, the email scandle, Wasserman-Shultz and Awan, you name it, the Right has consistently failed to hold the left accountable for their actions.  This in a time when on the other side they are actively plotting to impeach not only President Trump but Vive President Pence as well.  And yet no one on the left is going to pay?  This is the time when we need to band together on the Right.  We have The President. The Congress. The House.  Now we need the media.  Love Trump.  Hate Trump.  This is not about that, its about holding those on the left accountable for their actions.