DACA Must Go President Trump

DACA, or the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrival, is an unconstitutional act put in place by the Obama registration which allows certain individuals who came to the United States illegally as children, or was born here from illegal immigrant parents to stay in this country.  While the president does not hold the authority to dictate citizenship, something, James Madison warned of in the federalist papers, this law still was able to find its way onto the books and has survived Trumps term so far.  But this has to change.

We cannot reward individuals for making it here illegally while millions wait ten plus years sometimes and are punished for doing the right thing.  They follow all of the proper channels for citizenship, wait their required amount of time, possess the requirements to enter, pay all of the fees.  And then when they get here they are forced to pay taxes which do things such as support programs harboring anyone who just walked over the boarder?  

While building the boarder wall we were promised is the most essential step in securing our southern boarder, its policies like this that must soon follow in their departure.  However removing DACA without securing the boarder is pointless because it allows more illegals in, simply putting the issue on a rotating wheel of people sneaking over, getting caught, and being sent home while others sneak on in.  So with this call to action from the right we must also hold Trumps feet even closer to the fire for his promises to his voters.