GOP Cannot Fail To Repeal Obamacare Again

The GOP cannot afford another failed attempt at repealing the unpopular Obamacare act many of them ran on.  With criticism of the Republican party now starting to creep its way into the mind of many of their voters, the Conservatives in Washington need to score some easy points, and fast.  With mid term elections a little over a year away the Republican party needs to begin to build some momentum revitalizing the trust of their voter base.

It is barely even Obamacare repeal, more like Obamacare cutbacks, but it is enough of a start to instill hope in the base that is desperate.  While it does not address enough of the mandates that make Obamacare so unpopular, it removes a few of the large ones such as making insurance mandatory.  It gave the State more control over which mandates they will chose in their state and which they will not.  While it should also decrease the number of medicare patients draining tax dollars Conservatives have reasons to intrigued.

I chose that word very carefully because one should not be excited or ecstatic about this bill, but intrigued and optimistic of what is to come.  Obamacare is a massive behemoth of a terrible bill and it will take some time to completely remove it from action in reality.  We actually need to continue to fight government intervention in healthcare other then extreme circumstances of individuals in need.  Medicare is still entirely to large.  But taking steps like these are the start of what could good things to come, or a way to put a few easy points on the board and abandon any further action.  I guess only time will tell.