GOP Now Between A Rock And A Hard Place 

Trumps handling of DACA, the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals, could not have gone any worse for the Republican Party.  It was all but known going into Tuesday that Trump was going to decide to end the unconstitutional DACA, but what was not foreseen was Trumps successful attempt to leverage DACA over the Republican controlled congress for his wall funding.

By threatening to readdress DACA in six months if Congress does not devise a solution for the so called DREAMERS Trump is forcing republicans to face a split within their party on this particular issue.  While some on the right want the DREAMERS completely gone, theres and equal portion if not larger that actually likes the policies within DACA.  Many like the executive amnesty and such but dislike the unconstitutional methods former President Obama went about implementing them, and Trump is trying to use this to his leverage. 

 (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press)

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press)

In anticipation that the majority of republicans in Washington wanting to enact the policies previously in DACA and push a bill through Trump has come out in front of it already and stated any amnesty bill for the DREAMERS must include funding for his wall.

By doing this he puts the republicans in congress in a tough situation.  If their are enough members truly against the DACA policies and they kill any attempt at a bill then Trump can go to his base and crucify the individuals and we all know how fanatic his base can be on voting day.  And for those already in favor of the DACA policies and wanting to implement them not only will the Democrats use this in their favor for the 2018 elections, they will use their funding of the Trump wall as well.  This piled on top of the hate one would receive from within the party for enshrining amnesty for criminals into the law. 

This is a real problem for Republican members of congress right now.  While there is one clear out in calling Trumps bluff, waiting out the six months knowing he will never implement policies to deport the dreamers we all know Republicans won’t do that.  They will most likely take one above mentioned options and shoot themselves in the foot.