Anthem Protests And Kapernick Put NFL In Lose Lose

The NFL finds themselves in the middle of a tough situation with multiple boycotts for a plethora of reasons entering the start of the season.  Some are boycotting because Kapernick is not in the league.  Some are boycotting because of the disrespectful national anthem protests of players.  Others its the personal conduct code.  To a few its the rules.   But whatever your reason it will be an interesting week for the NFL and its viewership.

The NFL deserves no sympathy however as they allowed former 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick to protest the national anthem without consequence.  This put every organization in a rough situation by forcing individual teams either to cut ties with him or risk the circus that surrounds him for a back up level quarterback. When the NFL could have squashed this entire thing, protecting its image and its teams it hung them out there to dry. 

 Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now Kapernick is unemployed and theres a faction that blames it on his race and stances and boycotts, ignoring the numerous other anthem protests around the league it has sparked that have not resulted in blacklisting of individuals. These protests that have lead to another boycott of individuals that believe these national anthem protests are disrespectful to the country and everyone who has served.  

The NFL could have cut this off when it was one protester, but now there are dozens across the league and that would require major action usually unseen in professional sports. Now whichever way they handle it they risk alienating a large section of their viewers driving a larger boycott.