The Government Shut Down No One Felt (Again)

Well that was a quick government shut down.  One that barely spanned 3 days, 2 of which were weekends when most government offices are closed anyway.  But it wouldn't have mattered how long it lasted anyway because government shut downs effect almost nobody, contrary to what the main stream media wants you to believe.


While the main stream media spent the weekend talking about the mayhem the government shut down would ensue, everything from not receiving social security checks to an astroid coming dangerously close to Earth without NASA's protection, most of us went about our daily lives as if nothing had changed.  

Because it didn't.  Whether this is because somewhere between 88-90 percent of government agencies stay open during these shut downs, or the sheer lack of effect the government plays in our day to day lives, almost no one felt it.

But the sound of a Government Shut Down simply strikes fear into the eyes of many who are uninformed about politics.  Many casual citizens hear those words and begin to think the worst, unaware of the true nature of the situation.  

They run to their respective echo chambers to hear explanations about how terrible this will be and who is at fault.  CNN blames Trump and the Republicans for their racist immigration policies.  FOX blames lefties claiming they are attempting to avoid paying our military.  But no matter who is at fault the world is going to end!

Yet if you looked outside over the last few days one may not even notice the horrific impending doom allegedly hanging over us.  Most of this is due to the fact a government shut down really is not what it sounds like with most agencies being listed as essential and staying open.  But a large part of this is the ineffectiveness of our government, which is why I enjoy the occasional shut down.  

When we enter times like we are in today, polarized by politics beyond a point most of us can remember, it is a good reminder that no matter what happens in Washington our lives are effected fractionally either way.

If you believe the most emotional on the left, we have had a racist sexist president for over a year now and other than saying some things to hurt some feelings hasn't really harmed anyone.  

A year in a few extra dollars either way in their paycheck is the only actual effect many can point to in terms of Trumps effect on their day to day lives.  Yes he has done great things in deregulation and has touched a few other areas.  But for the common American who was told Trump would have the streets in flames in weeks, nothing really has changed.

 It is a healthy reminder that we, the citizens, carry most of the grunt work for the day to day operations of our great nation.  Granted many of the issues that would arise from a lack of government are snuffed out over a 3 day government stoppage due to the brevity of it, but history is littered with longer government shut downs that didn't destroy the country.  

Yes the government is an essential part of our day to day lives as we would soon learn if they were really to disappear.  But government shut downs are a good reminder to the unnecessary size our government has grown to, and how it has in turn rendered it useless.  

Yes we need police.  Yes we need roads.  But do we need every mid level bureaucrat who has absolutely no effect on a majority of our lives?  Do we need the government to handle everything from education, to mail delivery,  to the military?  Only you know how you feel.