Everyone Loses in 2,000 Page, $1.3 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill

This will be less of a criticism of the actual contents of the massive 2000 plus page spending bill for the next 6 months, but more about the general downfalls with signing a $1.3 trillion dollar bill that large. 

It is true that almost everyone can find something in the mammoth bill just finalized, but following that same logic one could easily find plenty they disagree with as well.  There is to much trim and fat making this bill astronomical in cost.  No representative heard the word no.  No senator was throttled when spending.  If you needed funds, you got them.  As long as you voted yes and did not read the bill.

Then again who could read a bill that was 2,322 pages long in about 24 hours, which is what they were given between papers release and the vote.  I suppose it is better than the 2007 bill which was 3,417 pages long where they also had only 24 hours to vote in the House, but still absolutely terrible.

The saddest part may be that not only did it pass, but it passed with a near veto proof majority with 65 senators and 256 house reps.

An overwhelming majority of our politicians were willing to give their opposition whatever they wanted as long as they got their little slice.  So long as they could go back to their voter base claiming a victory for them.

This points to possibly the largest problem looming in Washington, and that is the true nature of both parties.  Both parties support a behemoth of a government constantly growing.  

It is getting harder and harder for the republican party to claim support for a smaller government as they continue to grow it time and time again when in power. 

There are only a handful of people in D.C fighting for the principles of liberty, fiscal responsibility, and freedom that millions of Americans connect with.  But for every Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Mike Lee, there are 100 Nancy Pelosi's, John McCaine, and Mitch McConnels.

But only we the citizens have the right to remove these people and if populace continues to fail to do so then they will only be able to look inwards when this all collapses.