Libertarian Parties Mismanaged Efforts

While many in the Libertarian Party saw the 3.28% of votes 2016 Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson's a major victory.  However another sector of the LP saw this as yet another fumble of time, money, and efforts.   Libertarians have continued to ignore local infrastructure and aim for the biggest seat around, the presidency.

At this point and time the Libertarians only control four out of over 7,000 state-level representatives, and a few mayors of relatively small cities.  The Libertarian Party has pretty much all but abandoned any position that is not of national importance.  While they are still yet to win a House of Representatives, Senate, or Executive seat they continue to divert all resources to these areas.  

The party was founded in 1972, and over 45 years later they still only control 1 upper level state seat and another 3 in lower level state positions while also controlling 223 local seats

$13 million was raised for presidential candidate Gary Johnson's 2016 campaign, all to garner 3 percent and not a single electoral vote.  Mean while it takes in some areas as low as few hundred dollars to fund a local campaign.  

Thousands of local campaigns could have been funded price and statistically it would be almost impossible for the LP to not win at least a few seats. 

By now it should be pretty clear that the LP has missed a great opportunity to build a solid foundation for their party.   But one could still be asking why this local infrastructure is so important to the party?  Their numbers have been steadily growing for years so why change the slow growth plan they are on?

Growth would be accelerated by building a coalition of low level officials.  Millions of Americans have known nothing other than the two party system for decades and one of the hardest things to do is to break someone of a habit.  

Putting local Libertarians in positions of power would show skeptics that the LP is not a threat to their current day to day lives.  

The LP has allowed the media to control the message about them making it almost impossible to preach their true message.  

Putting boots on the ground that could actually show people what the Libertarian Party is about would benefit the national platform as more and more people are exposed to the principles of Libertarianism as well as become accustomed to a third, none threatening option.

Most Americans will admit a frustration with the current two party system, yet when faced with a third option in the LP will shy away.   It is not only the lack of understanding, but also a distrust in any real effects from a party who struggled to break 3% in recent national elections.  Putting individuals in positions of power across the board would solidify the belief that the party is trying for a real movement. 

Across the board a solid foundation of local representatives could only help the Libertarian Party in their expansion over the next few years.  If the LP could score 3% without any real national footprint imagine what they could do once millions of people saw their principles enacted?