Libertarian Party Harmed By Public Image

Over the years the media has had a field day attempting to portray the Libertarian Party as a less than political party, but the LP has not done much to help their own cause.  The lack of structure within the Libertarian Party has allowed it to be hijacked at times by people who only harm the plan. 

While the Libertarian Party was the party built on personal choice and freedom, they have done a poor job of differentiating between a major point that being allowed to do something does have a difference than actually doing something.  While they are a party that promotes freedoms, they do not have to actively promote every freedom they vow to protect. 

To most Americans the LP is the party that wants to legalize drugs.  While this is true, the fact that most Americans connect this with Libertarians above all else is problematic. Their is a difference in believing a person has the choice to do drugs and supporting their decision to do drugs.  

On the same line most Americans only visual image of the libertarian party is the near nude James Weeks performance at the 2016 Libertarian Convention.

While the LP supports individuals rights to choice of clothing, their is a difference in promoting a near nudist and defending him.

The LP has become a party that promotes individuals it should simply be defending.  To defend drug users is commendable, but many diverge when they see them promoting drug use and not doing more to thwart it.  Having the choice to do something is again different than actually doing something.  

The Libertarian Party already has a giant target on its back.  The main stream media left has worked feverishly to constantly portray the LP in negative light while the sole right wing outlet in Fox has done little to defend them.  

Knowing this the Libertarians should be much more cautious with the image they put forward.  While deep Libertarians may see the James Week thing and understand the point, to the general public watching the clip on CNN the true message is going over their head as the LP is turned into a laughing stock in front of them.