Smaller Government Still Best Way To Promote Individual Success (Opinion)

Over the course of thousands of years humans have had the ability to witness thousands of different forms of government. Government's trials and errors have been documented for centuries now giving us a pretty clear picture in 2018 of what works and what doesn't at this point.  What is right and wrong.  Or so you would think.

The left still has factions, now growing, that promote Socialism.  Yes that is the same Socialism that has destroyed Venezuela right in front of our eyes. 

The right has been dragged towards the left.  The republican controlled Washington just signed in a 4.4 trillion dollar spending bill which would add almost a trillion dollars a year to the growing deficit.  That same deficit that is at the heart of our current economic turbulence. All without a single budget cut.

Yet our ever growing government hasn't vastly changed our lives in decades.  Especially when compared to the free markets.  


4.4 trillion dollars a year and poverty numbers still go up and down.  Unemployment still ebbs and flows.  Crime wavers a few standard deviations back and forth.  Yet the government collects more and more money yearly, borrowing more and more on the backs of our economies. 

Yet the free market ensures that for the governments lack of innovation, someone is their to fill in.  While the government who may offer food stamps to some individuals, it is the free market that provides foods at all price levels down to the poorest in need.  

While Obama-phone's have helped people access phones who still couldn't, it was the free market that make cell phone technology cheap enough and accessible to the point U.S households have multiple.

And who knows how much further it could have been, how much further we could go if it wasn't for the mammoth of a federal government holding it back. Regulation after regulation aimed at protecting consumers and owners actually harms both.

Minimum wage drives up costs, drives down available jobs, and cuts into business profits.  The process of even starting most businesses has become so conveluted with bureaucratic paper work most just won't even attempt starting one. 

How does any of this make it easier for the individual to succeed?  How does it make it easier to succeed?  If your honest with yourself I think you understand it doesn't.

Government regulation only helps the government who makes the populace feel even more reliant on them, as well as big businesses who use regulations to protect themselves from up and coming competition.


Should it really cost 15,00 dollars to obtain a degree to cut hair?  Who does it harm when you are prevented from selling items from your own house. 

People like to believe the government is looking out for them, it makes it easy in an instant gratification society.  Opposed to putting in the actual work they like to believe the government is doing it for them when 99% of the time that is not the case.

The government is looking out for itself like all entities do.  They need to survive day by day and they do that by entrenching themselves in your lives.  Pair this with power hungry politicians with the ability to influence law and the government continues to grow to serve itself.  All under the veil they are taking care of you, the citizen. 

But the reality is the only person truly looking out for you is you.  And it is easier to do that with the government out of the way most of the time.