Lack Of Agreed Upon Facts Threaten Americas Democracy (Opinion)

There used to be a time when although Republicans and Democrats still did not agree, they could at least agree upon a set of underlying facts that were true. 


It seems now more than ever in 2018 that the left and the right are playing with two different sets of facts on any given issue, and if continued can be catastrophic.

If you watch Fox news you are playing on one plain, while if you frequent CNN you are playing on another.  Therefor when their members cross paths and are forced to debate it is simply unproductive because of the obvious lack of foundation to their common argument. 

Watch an hour of each back to back and tell me if they are on the same page at all. Take healthcare for example. Left finds facts or experiences to support their views of single payer healthcare and how great it is. Flip the channel and watch the right using an entire other set of facts proving their point of free market healthcare.

Without a common basis of fact it is almost impossible to have any real constructive conversations.  There can be no common ground found if your playing on different fields.  

However politics has become such a team sport that most are not looking for straight facts anymore.  They are actually searching for facts that already confirm their biased.  

This constant longing for bias confirmation is what is underlying the issue at heart.  This is why the two separate news organizations will have two different set of facts, they have two different bases looking for two different results to prove two different theories.

And the cycle continues.  Onto military, onto abortion, onto the second amendment.  And no real productive ground is ever made.