Main Stream Medias Hypocrisy On Mass Shootings

No matter which main stream media news organization you turn on after any mass shooting you will find pundits rushing to push and/or protect their perspective gun beliefs.  Both claiming to have the answers to protecting us, while actually are doing more to harm than good.  


Gun statistics are abundant on the internet.  Yet there have been almost no connections have been made between mass shootings and particular gun laws.

Everyone comes to the airwaves to tell you they have the answer when the truth is even the best laws can only cut numbers down, not make them disappear all together. 

Their is substantial evidence that the glorification of the events as a mass spectacle has fed into more mass shooters.  Yet the media continues to show the shooter portrait every chance they get and throw their names into any conversation, further giving the shooters the attention and notoriety they crave deep down. 

I commend sites such as the Daily Wire and others that have implemented a policy from further using shooters personal photos and identity in this click bait driven age.

The media has to realize they are part of the problem.  Part of it is not their fault, the reason mass shootings are so popular is because the American people are interested in it, and there they have a responsibility to provide news and information. 


They do not need to go as far as giving us the all the killers info playing into the infamy they seek.  If any one needs to understand just how starved individuals are for attention ask someone about the tide pod challenge.

In the end reguardless of how you feel about guns.  If you are someone who wants to see them all banned, or someone who wants AK-47 in every citizens hands, I think we can all agree that feeding into the late shooters delusion is not productive in protecting the public, and especially the impressionable youth.