Market Review : Stocks Move Sideways As Turbulence Settles For Now

The stock market temporarily appears to be stabilizing.  After a small improvement yesterday, today moved almost sideways with all 3 major indexes gaining less than .5% at closing.

With back to back days in the green an optimist could believe we are in the clear, but one should not assume this most recent run is indicative of any future improvement.


More likely on track with the turbulent 2018 previously discussed. 

One should not forget about the negative weeks that just passed.  Many are still running on the euphoria of the 2017 stock market rise but 2018 won't be the same.

All of the underlying issues reside and as the effects of the most recent federal budget increases take hold the economy will continue to be a bumpy ride for 2018.  

Bond yields will continue to rise with more debt needing to be covered now.  Additional raises to the interest rate already rumored to be going up wouldn't be surprising. 

All in all this falls inline with the projections of 2018 which show it being all over the place, unlike the smooth ride up that 2017 provided us. But still should not spell the end of our economy as we know it.  Not quite yet.