Stock Market Wrap Up - Turbulence Continues

It was another up and down week for the stock markets with the Dow swinging between 25,400 and 24,800 over the week before closing the week up almost 100 points at 25,304.  Wild weeks like this will be common over over 2018.

All of the underlying issues are still there.  And with it looking more and more likely bond yields will reach 3% the U.S economy is on the rocks and the stock market will feel it first.

 Dow Jones Industrial Index 5 Day (2/17/18 - 2/24/18)

Dow Jones Industrial Index 5 Day (2/17/18 - 2/24/18)

Fed notes highlight a plan to raise interest rates multiple times in an attempt to curb inflation.  Inflation has become a growing concern as the government signed in another budget which will add trillions to the deficit requiring more massive borrowing.

None of this spells good news for the stock markets.  2017 was a great year but people should not mistake that for the new norm.  The last few weeks are the new reality