The Muddled Truth, Why The Memo's Have Lost Momentum

When the Grassley-Graham memo first hit the conservative media couldn't get enough.  And over time all media outlets were forced to cover the story.  But as time has gone on more and more information has convoluted a story to a point to complicated for most Americans and uninteresting to others.  

Partisan politics on both sides have highlighted the ever growing problem of lacking true facts.  Facts we all can agree upon reguardless of age, gender, political orientation, race, ect.


The internet has been an amazing tool, one that has opened the flood gates to infinite information, while removing all gate keepers from spreading it.  This has become a double edged sword as most have noticed by now.  And it extends to the highest level.  

The republicans have one side of the story, the democrats have a completely different side of the story.  Depending on how you vote almost certainly determines how you look at issues such as these. 

And the cycle continues.  We learn nothing.  

There is a legitimate case for a special council to investigate the special council because it MAY have been influenced by political operatives.  Anyone semi-objective can admit Hillary Clinton had some shady dealings with foreign officials and used her power to weasel her way out of punishment from the FBI.

 We still have no clue why the deadliest mass shooting took place in Vegas over 6 months ago?  We continue to learn nothing.

We argue protecting our sides.  We accomplish nothing.

And the same thing is happening with this memo.  We may very well be looking at some form of wrong doing by political operatives at the highest levels.  But a general feeling reguardless of the truth it will never come out in any coherent and clear form has disheartened the American people.  

People have lost faith in the institutions that are supposed to be protecting them.  

While a clear picture of what happened is what the American people need now more than ever, it is what a shrinking portion actually crave and the muddled truth continues.