Stock Market: A Stop In The Current Slide

After a terrible week was followed up with a historic single day fall, the stock market rebounded Tuesday closing over 500 points up on the day.  While the day started off on rocky footing by mid day it was clear that today was going to be another day where all major indexes end in the green. 


This at least temporarily stops the week long slide that panicked many, but one should not assume we are in the clear just yet.  Not by any means.

 The stock market is on shaky ground as I outlined yesterday, which should provide 2018 with many of these panic drops.  

While what just happened does not technically count as a correction never breaking the 10% dip from previous high points, it was still one hell of a "Panic Attack."  And that is just for the entire year.  

With no real change in many of the issues that started this slide, its safe to assume todays actions were at least due in part to the typical Tuesday corrections markets usually experience.

It is plausible the market continues to slide Wednesday and this was just a blip in what will be a much larger slide.  

Yet it is just as likely to see the market continue to rally tomorrow as the train appears to get back on the tracks.  The latter seems more likely to me but both are a real possibility.  

If we do see the market rally again tomorrow than one could begin to assume we may be in the clear for the time being, how long that time being no one knows but don't expect much. 2018 projects to be a much more turbulent year than previous, so for new investors who joined in 2017 welcome to the real markets.