Conservatives Should Be Angry With Current Budget

Conservatives should be angry.  Another budget set to raise the deficit was what a Republican controlled Senate, House, and presidency was supposed to prevent.  Yet here we are a year later with tax cuts that project to add to the deficit paired with a budget set to ballon it even further. And for those following, yes talk about spending cuts.  


With another government shut down looming, the Senate passed the measure, 71 to 28, The House of Representatives voted 240-186. The GOP-controlled House needed help from  Democrats to clear the bill when 67 of their own party refused to approve it.   

And rather than sticking to conservative and attempt to sway the other conservatives and jockeying within the party, they reached across the isle to rise the deficit and trade funding for projects on both sides. 



The new budget raises budget caps by $300 billion in the next two years, as well as increases the debt ceiling. It offers up nearly $90 billion in disaster relief for hurricane-ravaged Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  

About $165 billion would go to the Pentagon and $131 billion to non-defense programs. Also included in the funding is $10 billion to invest in infrastructure, $2.9 billion for child care and $3 billion to combat opioid and substance abuse.

As Rand Paul stated yesterday budget cuts are needed now more than ever.  Our national debt is beginning to effect our economy and increasing it further will continue to have a negative effect on the stock market as well as the value of the dollar.  

If they cannot run the government with 4 trillion dollars a year they already receive, maybe the issue is with the budget, not the amount incoming.