The Brad Barnhard Show - Episode 13 - Vegas Weird As Ever, And A Citizens Right To Freedom

Think were superstitious? Try calling out Kim Jong Un on our 13th episode, hard. This time on The Brad Barnhard Show I talk further about all of the weird facts coming out regarding the Las Vegas mass shooting that took place almost a week ago as well as the missing facts that are equally, if not more, odd. We will also talk about the situation going on in Catalonia and how it ties into a humans right to freedom. Then I wrap the show up calling out Kim Jong Un for his recent comments towards the United States. All this and more in the 13th ever episode of The Brad Barnhard Show. Visit OFFBASEMEDIA.COM for all of my work including articles videos and podcasts and follow me on twitter @bradbarnhardsho Want to support the show and help keep it ad free? Check below: For Great Rewards - Sponsor The Show - Juts Want To Show Love - Subscribe and comment down below to let me know what you think!